What the word “kitchen” means for you? What are the main elements (according to you) to stand out for being a design kitchen?  

In these years  the kitchen has developed a deep transformation in a functional point of view. Nowadays, the kitchen is a multifunctional and convivial place.no longer a space dedicated to preparation, but a place to receive and welcome guests. The spaces expand and there are no more separations between rooms, the kitchen is transformed and adapts to different places in the house.

Before answering the second question we should analyze the sentence “to being of design”. What does it  mean? Is it necessary to have a color or a handle to consider a kitchen of design? In my opinion, every  company must know its DNA and its personal history. Only knowing itself a company can speak about the product and so about its identity design. Today being unique and recognizable is fundamental to compete in the market.

-How and why you have decided to collaborate with our company?

As often happens the choice was random: an encounter, a common knowledge, the first meetings with the company and then the first scribbles, the first ideas. A feeling is born between designer and company and then the collaboration begins. The latter could be considered as an engagement.

There are relationships that last forever and others that are interrupted for indefinite reasons

How was working with Composit?
Returning to the previous reflections I dare to say that it was certainly a brief and intense experience.
What inspired you in the creation of the Lounge model?
I wanted a kitchen with a simple feature that could characterize the company, survive the fashions and last over time. Lounge is now 5 years old and is still an up-to-date product with a distinctive sign unique on the market, a vertical line that draws the openings. A cross kitchen designed for all domestic spaces and adapted to all living areas of modern homes. This year at the Salone del Mobile we will present a material upgrade of the product.

Thank you for your time. If you like, You are free to add a thought, an anecdote, a suggestion, a quote, whatever you want.
you go far beyond self” it could be a simple wish or advice to believe more in your own abilities and the possibility of creating a strong identity.