Our history and family ties are our strength. Since 1960 with Belligotti brand name and later in 1974 with Composit brand name, Belligotti family has improved its “know how” and has transformed its love for raw materials and passion for hand craftsmanship into an industrial business.

Passion which successfully continues today, in a brand new global scenario where we are fully involved, giving to the Italian cabinetry craftsmanship an internationally renowned brand name.

Artisanal culture persisting in the industrial process: this is the key factor that makes it possible to understand the value added by the design culture, knowledge of materials, ability to execute.

An Italian passion which finds its roots in the history and geography of the place where the Belligotti was born and has grown: Pesaro furniture district, where still today, over a 20.000 sq plant, our Kitchens and Wardrobes are manufactured. The bond between companies and territory is typical of Italian history, the District represents the cradle of the know how, the experience, the Italian hand craftsmanship passion.

The quality of a kitchen is  given by the capability to satisfy the expectations of the users, first of all the kitchen is like an engine for cooking, completely customizable and with innovative technologies.

The Composit kitchen is custom-made of the user, a standard product with high customization and it’s thought for small or big rooms, where the flexibility of the systems and the design creativity turn the dreams in unique realizations.