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Interview with Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

What the word “kitchen” means for you? For me, the kitchen is one of the most important places in life. In this special environment you usually prepare food and meet people on different socializing and convivial occasions. What are the main elements (according to you) to stand out for being a design kitchen?   A so-called design kitchen must propose a project that knows how to be innovative, both from the aesthetic and functional point of view. How and why did you choose to collaborate with our company? I started working with Composit in the early 80’s, it was so natural for [...]

Interview with Piergiorgio Cazzaniga2020-02-20T14:47:56+01:00

Interview with Studio Bizzarri

What the word “kitchen” means for you? Nowadays , with the word kitchen, we mean both the room of a house used for the preservation of food, the preparation, the cooking and their intake, but also all the furnishings and appliances that make it up. This happens only for this room, not for the table and chairs that we find in the dining room, not for the sofa and the armchair that are in the living room etc… In my opinion,  this aspect shows how important and valuable the kitchen has become in this historical and social moment, understood as a [...]

Interview with Studio Bizzarri2020-02-20T14:48:40+01:00

Interview with the designer Enrico Cesana

What the word “kitchen” means for you? What are the main elements (according to you) to stand out for being a design kitchen?   In these years  the kitchen has developed a deep transformation in a functional point of view. Nowadays, the kitchen is a multifunctional and convivial place.no longer a space dedicated to preparation, but a place to receive and welcome guests. The spaces expand and there are no more separations between rooms, the kitchen is transformed and adapts to different places in the house. Before answering the second question we should analyze the sentence “to being of design”. [...]

Interview with the designer Enrico Cesana2020-01-23T17:15:06+01:00

Composit @ AD Design Show NYC

We are glad to invite you at Composit & MCK+B Booth at the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City, March 22-25. Composit Kitchens has started a new collaboration with MCK+B, one of the oldest and most renowned kitchen and bath dealer in Manhattan (NY). The Architectural Digest Design Show will be a great opportunity to launch this new Partnership and to show the new Lounge kitchen displays. The display will be installed, after the show and along with two more kitchens, on the brand new MCK+B location: MCK+B 45 W 25th Street New York, NY, 10010 www.mckb.com www.composit.it [...]

Composit @ AD Design Show NYC2018-05-14T11:54:05+02:00