The current ecological thinking underlines for each of us the need to “do something now” in order to preserve our ecosystem. Composit contributes to this effort with daily actions applied to different production phases.
The ten great themes upon which we have built our productive system are: air, energy, water, waste, materials, durability, paints, appliances.

For a lower carbon dioxide emission, the factory utilize percolation system and waste materials abatement, and heating system in compliance with the most updated standards.

For our productive process we make use of energy originated from renewable sources in compliance with the RECS brand

We pay great attention to the use and draining of water in our factory

Recycling is a great voluntary mean of environmental management for Composit. We recycle about 90% of our waste materials.

In our Company we utilize only certified paper originated from eco-sustainable managed forests.

Composit utilizes for its packaging only recycled or recyclable cardboard

Composit works with Idroleb ecological panel, the only panel made 100% with recycled wood and with the world-lowest formaldehyde emission. Perfect synthesis between environmental safeguard and best care for consumer health; the highest level achieved in matter of environment and health.

Composit pays great attention to the finishes of its kitchens with a wide range of paints that are in compliance with European legislation

Our pay off is “Kitchen of Life”, we’ve always been designing and manufacturing kitchens made to last and with a great advantage on the environmental impact

Composit selects for its kitchens appliances of the best national and international brands in compliance with the current legislation in matter of environmental protection and certify quality and product safety.