Our history and family ties are our strength. Since 1960 with Belligotti brand name and later in 1974 with Composit brand name, Belligotti family has improved its “know how” and has transformed its love for raw materials and passion for hand craftsmanship into an industrial business.

Passion which successfully continues today, in a brand new global scenario where we are fully involved, giving to the Italian cabinetry craftsmanship an internationally renowned brand name.


The current ecological thinking underlines for each of us the need to “do something now” in order to preserve our ecosystem. Composit contributes to this effort with daily actions applied to different production phases.
The ten great themes upon which we have built our productive system are: air, energy, water, waste, materials, durability, paints, appliances.


For routine cleaning, all the shiny parts are to be treated with a soft cloth moistened with water or liquid degreaser called “NEUTRAL”, or an antistatic (eg. “Ready multi-static surface or equivalent”).
Avoid: the use of acetone, trichlorethylene and ammonia. The use of steel wool pads and creams abrasive that could scratch the surface.


Made of 18 mm. thick wooden particle panels with low formaldehyde emission (class E1). The panels are water repellent (meet the V100 norms), coated on both sides with melamine paper in plain mat or wooden colours. Edged on four sides with 0.4 mm. thick laminate and 1mm./1.5mm. thick ABS or PVC.