Intervista Leone Mazzari

What is a kitchen for you? What are the elements (in your opinion) to stand out for being design?

Cooking is the only place it uses to define itself as a noun and a verb.
“CUCINA” is the third person of the verb to cook and it is also the place where the various typical and regional cuisines find their expression through their recipes.
The kitchen is not only a piece of furniture but also a place of aggregation and sharing.

How and why did you choose to collaborate with our company?

I was asked to participate in an interesting project and I immediately accepted.
My desire was to create a kitchen that had a taste a bit more in style, that had an idea of a timeless kitchen, not placeable in a specific time.

How was working with Composit?

I found myself very well with Composit, especially working with Massimo and Marcello Belligotti, obviously also with the support of Sir Otello and a very good technical office.

What did you want to express with this project? What concepts are behind it?

My idea for the Melograno was to have quite recognizable elements, especially enhancing qualities as “cabinet makers” with this particular type of door, where the handle is the very frame of the kitchen.

I thank you for your time. If you like, it is free to add a thought, an anecdote, a suggestion, a quotation, whatever you want.

Throughout my experience as a designer I have always designed thinking about life , there is a very nice phrase that says:”the life of the shapes has nothing to do with the shapes of life”at the end we find ourselves to use things of the past in a completely contemporary context.
For example, the shape of a chair may change but its essence does not change, in fact we designers take care of making the objects perceive from a different point of view, but these objects do not change their main function.