What the word “kitchen” means for you?

Nowadays , with the word kitchen, we mean both the room of a house used for the preservation of food, the preparation, the cooking and their intake, but also all the furnishings and appliances that make it up.
This happens only for this room, not for the table and chairs that we find in the dining room, not for the sofa and the armchair that are in the living room etc…
In my opinion,  this aspect shows how important and valuable the kitchen has become in this historical and social moment, understood as a set of furnishings that compose (the environment has always been more lived and more of aggregation of the whole family.
The kitchen environment in customs and customs has always been synonymous of home.

What are the main elements (according to you) to stand out for being a design kitchen? 

The kitchen, like a table, like a lamp, like any piece of furniture  to be defined of “design” must have those elements: function, aesthetics and innovation ( given by technological research and experimentation ); moreover it must not have very high costs, otherwise we stumble into the work of art,
while the design object must maintain a democratic approach.
This suggests that there is no element or particular elements  for a kitchen to be defined as “design”, but the project as a whole is or is not.
The more it is appreciated by the market.

How and why did you choose to collaborate with our company?

The collaboration with Composit was (if we want  to consider it)random.

In the course of the our industrial design activity, we have collaborated (in the past) with other companies of“kitchenmen”, a couple of years ago we had developed a project that we considered particularly fascinating , a product for a medium/high market that contained elements of strong aesthetic connotation and a series of details with a particular processing.

Knowing the quality and standard of processing of Composit products and thanks to the knowledge of some members of the Belligotti family , we thought to propose ourselves directly to present our idea.

 How was working with Composit?

At first, it was not easy as is often the case in relationships with new productive realities.

It is necessary to acquire information, to understand the business dynamics, the processes identify the critical points and the strengths, in order to ponder them in order to be able to better develop the project.
However, after the first phase of mutual “knowledge”,  it was really stimulating to collaborate, as the Composit despite being established in the domestic and foreign market for 50 years and therefore have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and also a company “able to listen”, very elastic, with which it was easy to compare and yes 6 managed to implement a research process and
experimentation aimed at the optimization of the project, the definition of detail and attention to detail.

What did you want to express with this project? What concepts are behind it?
The design of the kitchen “Pepper” while riding one of the trends of contemporary furniture inspired industrial environments like a “Workshop” and borrow the language for the development of some details, wants to be a timeless kitchen for warm, reassuring and functional environments and ergonomic design system.
From here the study of a particular processing of the door (of which we then managed to obtain the patent), made entirely of wood ,including the handle, which is able to confer the project
uniqueness and elegance, values always sought by a demanding client and attentive to detail.
Another idea at the base of the project, designed to be able to obtain typical compositions and add new functions, was to empty the volume of the belt under the top of the operating zones for about 20 cm high, to allow to equip these spaces with practical open containers, combined with drawers or cooking systems that provide the accommodation of the controls of the burners on the front.
The development of this concept has allowed to realize compositions with a height of 70 cm from the ground, where depending on the needs can be housed a washbasin freestanding or snack tops at table height, for a more traditional and comfortable sitting of the diners in front of tops with higher height usable only with stools.